The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 27

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A couple of dogs slim down CURTAIL
A legislator's current measure AMP
A rugby player's carrying ball about APROPOS
A variable rate — it's a little number ARIETTA
American who serves German artist GIOTTO
Ancient ruler's stable and popular heading for election CONSTANTINE
Bones used in holy rituals, mostly SACRA
Catty Pope who got canonised LEONINE
Dog track's mine COLLIERY
English king cutting public tax beyond what's reasonable OVEREXERT
Err again perhaps to get frankincense or myrrh? RESIN
Established church in French region PROVENCE
Information still absorbing one's time STATISTIC
It's surprisingly clear to me one may be seen as fashionable in society? LATECOMER
Lord, say, invading position LIEGE
Make issue for tablet in box PROCREATE
Manage to stand, stretch, exercise and give a lift to ladder RUN
Phased in changes in clergyman's office DEANSHIP
Small winter garment swept off one's feet SMITTEN
This person's going to trouble ILL
Those who occupy a very small colony? TENANTS
Two groups of soldiers and I see religious object MENORAH
Utter justification to lose weight ARRANT
What's used to dress model given attire VINAIGRETTE
Where dancers are in two rings DISCO
Best study hard to take in English CREAM
Bins leak, unfortunately liable to end up under water SINKABLE
Border broken up in united Germany EDGE
Christmas wrapping very new NOVEL
Considered taking a certain duke after me MEASURED
Exploit tramps regularly TAP
Exposed blubber creates a widespread show of disapproval OUTCRY
Hurries back for a short car trip SPIN
Italian dish completely different to rosti RISOTTO
Lamb’s progenitor is core to sacrament RAM
Male blushing about girl affected MANNERED
Meat takes working STEAK
One getting fires going so trains will move ARSONIST
Pressure to spearhead appeal PLEAD
Pub to ban chap, a brutish fellow BARBARIAN
Sport you might get in butchers? GAME
Stand up to female champion FACE
Stop to remove cape for comfort EASE
Take a look at cutter set up over colliery, say EXAMINE
Thoroughly inspect old block VETO
Threatening fury in party over United States DANGEROUS


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