The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 26

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Open container carried out CANDID
Large antelope from eastern country ELAND
Secure link TIE
Trainer struggling to find ground TERRAIN
Show shield SCREEN
Bash or jab SHOT
Best digger PICK
Complete mess, it's said WHOLE
Comprehensive review of cellarage after investment of shilling large-scale
Dominant state has come down after unrest in Suez? SUZERAIN
Garment in river, dredged up MAC
Greek character carried by Russian plane over an American state MICHIGAN
Group at a higher level, found SET UP
How might one break an egg? Get cracking! STEP ON IT
Irish backing singer in Venetian district RIALTO
Not entirely true, being overwhelmed by book award TO SOME DEGREE
One captivated by artist in European city MUNICH
Organised as prime location for carnival showman IMPRESARIO
Oscillate in loopy fashion — might it? TESLA COIL
Philanderer's loveless regret RUE
Picked up, boy getting lift FILLIP
Response requiring I send in army unit RIPOSTE
Story books, genius TALENT
Sweater alongside fleece, closer? screw-top
Upstanding winner of Nobel Peace Prize, I'm a little cooler MINIBAR
Word of greeting witness's spoken? WOTCHA
Bishop and knight eating uncooked beef BRAWN
Change horse's headgear after heading off ALTER
Document from Manchester United's vault picked up MANUSCRIPT
Girl's name, one in a story NATALIE
Left large-sized book in case PORTFOLIO
Male carrying old gardening implement HOE
Mournful song's awful, including its ending? DIRGE
Near end of flight in darkness NIGHT
Not yet resolved, working men endured it UNDETERMINED
Playing one's best against spinner for Middlesex, initially on top form
Row involving tail of big animal TIGER
Unhappy having lots of money moved electronically? DOWNLOADED
Voice disapproval when volume reduced BOO
Way of addressing a man in business I respect SIR
Who may give injured camper aid? PARAMEDIC


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