The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 23

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Shepherd initially caring for flock SWARM
Member on stage LEG
Criminal covers same ground in cellar BASEMENT
Hotel in pleasant position NICHE
Graduate pens two articles in plant BANANA
Climber in training area PEA
Our mutual confidant? GATEPOST
A page of baseless, false old stories AESOPS FABLES
A villain tailed by Sherlock, ultimately for sport KABADDI
Boast pay can secure plant CROWFOOT
Dish seen in fine old dresser MACARONI
Face family, cold, having received welcome earlier GOTHIC
Family’s experiences after descending on a foreign city KINSHASA
Go, feeling one’s leaving for long time LIFE SENTENCE
Incumbent at first on females, one not so friendly, to relay pardon OFFICEHOLDER
Laughter about need to employ such a search? house-to-house
Luxury’s endless advantage PLUS
Main unit for broadcasters opening in Yale? KEYHOLE
Name of E number originally used in topping EBENEZER
Old shipping magnate’s donkey rides? ONASSIS
Peers into vessel, bonnet having been pulled back NOBLESSE
Report of engine trouble — sponsor getting sack BACKFIRE
Reserve power needed for small cooler ICE CUBE
Romantic piece: hit performance listened out for NOCTURNE
There’s a problem for all to see: ball trapped between rugby posts? UH-OH
Useless little film receiving Oscar VOID
Arouse hostility against one deviously ANTAGONISE
Consistency in contract AGREEMENT
Country lad as lover distraught EL SALVADOR
Establishment no-one has a pop at ORPHANAGE
Island people in specialist trial EXPERIMENT
Lear's daughter in good heart leaves for season OREGANO
Runner seen in Lusk Island SKI
Sheep bit castle defenders here? RAMPART
The PM arose to change prevailing mood ATMOSPHERE
Wise to have statue moved ASTUTE


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