The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 22

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A motion picture's released using modern tech COMPUTERISATION
Auditor's store for funds CASH
Block informal address in French language group BANTU
Cleaner whips a gun out, wanting £51 washing-up liquid
Clear over crime, backing court activity TENNIS
Encroachment sailor oddly admitted to leading? INVASION
Film about love is soppy MOIST
He's learned a vehicle's parked in street SAVANT
It might cure shakes, a case in Lancet ROCK SALT
Muslim, say, not entering second job MONOTHEIST
One clad in blue ascending stage DAIS
Place for testing gun turned up, it's said VERBAL
Praise hot drink ingested by youngsters in school FLATTERY
Put a certain slant on It girl saving lives ITALICISE
Refuse to twist neck TURN DOWN
Show contempt for rejected literary extract DISTIL
Shy personnel pull boxes THROW
Silly person's accommodation in a state NINNY
Somewhat plump? Consuming gallons is justified well-grounded
Tot has trouble around new digital feature FINGERNAIL
Troops surrender in a slump RECESSION
Unsound female arrested by copper wasting time DEFECTIVE
Where to drink in a piece of history in China, say REPUBLIC
American friend’s name rejected BUD
Bug popular dissenting group INSECT
Card game in British newspaper BRAG
Courage of supporter to a great degree BRAVERY
Criminal act, one perpetrated in prison? INSIDE JOB
First off, discourages relatives AUNTS
Have contempt for small crop SCORN
Henry swallowed strong emotion HATE
Horribly sick near use of cosmetics SKINCARE
Improbable — I completely refuse! NOT LIKELY
Involuntary response having half-read cable REFLEX
Land for each university PERU
Musically, Jane was a disaster CALAMITY
Perhaps tape large creature next to tiny one SEALANT
Seat for sort of pigeon STOOL
Smart shop fails POSH
Solemn person starts to offer wise lessons OWL
Taken by surprise being put out of cricket ground? HIT FOR SIX
Unforced, one may cancel a flat NATURAL
Vehicle snooty type gets to take away CART OFF


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