The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 08

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Weapon search RIFLE
Back to chop tree, clearing area, for instance EXAMPLE
Blessed state of vehicle caught in squally rain NIRVANA
Brief moment absorbing work matter TOPIC
Chopped up half of garden pole to make frame for plants PERGOLA
Ecstatic about ace stuff in ceremony SACRAMENT
Element of bondage session male eschewed TIE
Forecaster is upset over Times letters initially SIBYL
Gaudy description of nails? TACKY
Hollywood star who could move into elite domain MATINEE IDOL
Indian city featured in obscure plan DIAGRAM
Pine? 22 picked up in Californian city LONG BEACH
Pointless trial attorney has abandoned before end of day EMPTY
Proceed to accept unhappy end? crack down on
Shrewd account about one of old ARCHAIC
Support car marque as an original design ARCHETYPE
Tea for each individual companion CHAPERONE
Time zone reduced after upset ERA
What shows one’s composed and performed for, new documentation following? SANGFROID
What’s needed for walking dog in meadow: quiet LEASH
Wine quantity not uniform? Bad business AMONTILLADO
Bachelor on island failing to finish liquor? SINGLE MALT
Blackbeard, say, doesn't start being angry IRATE
Contents of data, stick found in storage area ATTIC
Eat briefly, making racket DIN
Flood from river covering moor regularly TORRENT
I chuck in worn-out fossil TRILOBITE
I reused horrible leftovers RESIDUE
Inability to catch, or retain, strangely TIN EAR
Leaders in The Oval Office, also TOO
Pays for conservative's false alibi COVER STORY
Pet dragon is strange baptism participant! GODPARENT
Psychic put fear into underground worker MIND READER
Study agreement in speech EYE
Supply department ARM
Tests new axes around military, primarily EXAMS
Therefore a religious leader initially records a drama SOAP OPERA
What a casino employee might say is perfect? IDEAL


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