The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 07

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Woman in US city, one looking after children NANNY
A pair of characters in lower hot pants DIPHTHONG
Convinced India and China in secret CONFIDENTIALLY
Feeling life, say, or time is overwhelming one SENTIENCE
Inciting rebellion, no small issue EDITION
Inspired, Dante pens literary collection EDDA
Making a comeback, lives on energy drink PEPSI
Maybe charge writer in old case of sacrilege EXPENSE
Picked out cape and stockings CHOSE
Player of instruments interpreted disco hit, right? HARPSICHORDIST
Popular artist in funky blues allowing cover INSURABLE
Sign in book store missing line LIBRA
Some stock book by Latin poet BOVID
Stand or move gently left EASEL
The French state's Eurosceptics LEAVERS
The setter shows contentment in supporting structure i-beam
What may be tense in Linear B — it's translated NAILBITER
Amiable, and at close of day extremely lively FRIENDLY
Area used to be hot and seriously flooded AWASH
Dedicated action inspiring five religious books DEVOTED
Diving duck scared at first by cat’s cry SMEW
Drunk son’s inappropriate garment? TIGHTS
Fearful, but again subject to uncertainty? REDOUBTABLE
Groovy attempt to secure goal TRENDY
Group of witches beginning to clean stove COVEN
Japanese verse originally hidden away in Kyoto university HAIKU
Live among opponents in French resort ANTIBES
Noble old general giving up whiskey for jazzman DUKE ELLINGTON
Possible earl in Gateshead, having a close look PEERING
Reportedly bring in bird of prey ERNE
Stick one’s nose in, hearing gong MEDDLE
Symbol adopted by Vladivostok entrepreneurs TOKEN
Three-dimensional scene Ivor regularly included in play DIORAMA
Unseen, a badger tormented a bovine animal ABERDEEN ANGUS
Worrying at first, a phase in degeneration WASTAGE


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