The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 06

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A door she used at first moving around wayside inn ROADHOUSE
A songbird, or a couple of bovines, do we hear? BULBUL
Alternative books originally recommended by governor OTHER
Articles by retired chap about Brussels club? ATHENAEUM
Badger about to leave African capital by ship HARASS
Brought up cash for speaker? BRED
Change coaches delayed leaving India TRANSLATE
Chinese currency your aunt regularly used YUAN
Classical composer — namely Parry, perhaps? SCHUBERT
Devout head of Giggleswick strangely lacking in heart GODLY
E.g. James Stuart, an indulger in make-believe? PRETENDER
Girl’s ultimately regretful feeling LAURA
Holding line, it rarely disturbed gunners ARTILLERY
Indigenous trees primarily planted in green NATIVE
Just a tree outside FAIR
Position of titled person touring Eton by car BARONETCY
Position of top man back at last in grand vessel KINGSHIP
Precocious child supported by family in outskirts of Watford WUNDERKIND
Research establishment backing a Welsh lake BALA
Slosh around a county bordering on Wales once SALOP
Specific type of dramatic poem Ibsen wrote BRAND
Spiritless detainee an Italian leader imprisoned INANIMATE
Striking, like schoolwork submitted a second time? REMARKABLE
Touchy about curtailed party — a mockery! TRAVESTY
Wear down painter finally settled in Lincoln ABRADE
A paper given time has info processed somehow AFTER A FASHION
Be in cold and horribly damp temporary overnight facility CAMP BED
Be levered somehow into building high up? BELVEDERE
Certain mammals — planet contains five pairs perhaps MARTENS
Chore mixing paint? OCHRE
Courteousness from old man initially in Leeds, say COMITY
Cuts lines on graph? AXES
European to rush around part of UK DANISH
Feel bad about street in Paris RUE
Fresh source of milk in part of America NEW JERSEY
Gems of quality brought aboard ship STONES
Groups of schoolteachers maybe in English county STAFFS
Hesitation to put launch onto loch SHYNESS
I'm Norma: rely on being transformed into famous actress MARILYN MONROE
Join in swimming finally in lake MERGE
Mucky stuff pleasant? Not entirely GOO
Nick has no time to go to church NOTCH
Sink getting old food SAGO
Some smashes for a Wimbledon champion ASHE
Very stupid and insane possibly — one must be kept in ASININE


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