The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 05

crossword answers
Clue Answer
In leading clubs one creates talking point TOPIC
Hassle as government department cuts pay INCOMMODE
One knocking forest spirits? GREEN WOODPECKER
Hulk perhaps has delightful woman round SUPERHERO
A group working in desert ABANDON
Book-keeper making flesh creep SHELF
Deceptively great in name, one serving drag performer? CIGARETTE
Fugitive taking cover inside English diocese ESCAPEE
Great soldier cross when entering a famous rowing club ALEXANDER
Grouse put on pan makes for traditional fare ROAST BEEF
Having ducks in horses area causes commotion hoo-ha
Hawk-headed god exists to save lake birds RAILS
Husband involved in manoeuvre for some time WHILE
Irish breaking step in skating competition PAIRS
Letter attached to old poem about Dubai for example EMIRATE
Makes tracks for Tyneside region, passing information on here? HEADSTONE
Nuclear scientist appearing as NHS boiler explodes NIELS BOHR
Piano, delivered outside, provides beat SPENT
Start to speak pompously having necked one drink ORIGINATE
Two possible newspapers coming round see church feature ORGAN LOFT
Container a railway emptied for flier CANARY
Enrolled compulsorily — odd precincts do CONSCRIPTED
Flavouring from Pakistan, I see — delightful! ANISEED
Friend at outset mentions tree PALM
Judgment of exceptional minds — recent DISCERNMENT
Last word about copper’s insight ACUMEN
Limit broken by industrious worker, aggressive MILITANT
Matching set of furniture in clubs perhaps, ultimately adequate SUITE
Mistaken leg name leading to confusion MELANGE
Old actress Mae’s direction WEST
Polish securing place to sleep by Lake Country SCOTLAND
Sea for me strangely frightening FEARSOME
Slight colouring from drinking bout — new start needed! TINGE
Small, mischievous creature at church event in sort of restaurant? self-service
This covering could make tool quiet at first SHAWL
Upset everyone in island ROCKALL
We hear unique German article a marvel WONDER


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