The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 02

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Agreement to get tough, hiding depression INDENTURE
American football player maybe in old camp LEAGUER
Brief very quietly delving into issue APPRISE
Clever trick group conjured up in cells GAMETES
Crop: staple source of sustenance, on reflection SNIP
Cubes of frozen stuff applied to wound ultimately DICE
Decorated garden lad redesigned GARLANDED
Entrance of some members of top orchestra PORCH
Freshly dispatched soldiers needing little time to show bitterness RESENTMENT
Get rid of scholar no longer showing benefits of education? OBLITERATE
Half-hearted cry of derision when meeting snake and rodent JERBOA
Impulsive, as Harry and Helen are seen to be? HOTHEADED
Latin maybe is hard — time to go off and flop? LANGUISH
PM briefly appearing in school to give talk SPEECH
Puzzle when bird is restricted by farmyard disease BEMUSE
Refuse encouragement, having taken note SPURN
Swindle going unchecked puts worker perhaps off RAMP
Traveller to ancient city street spanning island TOURIST
Upset as a result of row and left half abandoned RANKLE
A horse for a price AMOUNT
A scarf unravelled, for scrap FRACAS
A shade cowardly YELLOW
Around motorway, shocking periods anticipated PROMISED
Block above a mean house BUNGALOW
Country embraced by Afghan, apparently GHANA
Disadvantage in ward, it's suggested? DRAWBACK
Ending on benefit, request job TASK
Female put on a charity event GALA
Halfwit left stuffing fish CLOD
Hiker, person walking past river RAMBLER
Important access tool KEY
Impressive summer period AUGUST
Native of Borneo weaving a Tongan rug, shortly ORANGUTAN
Points attained, twenty SCORE
Position in forest and in garden STANDING
Samovar, say, freak of nature? TEA URN
Shilling haircut? BOB
Significant skill of narrator? TELLING
Study marvellous talk CONFAB
Tree: talk about one CONIFER
Ultimately, meat beat fish TROUT


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