The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 01

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A duck an alternative to minced meat? NOT A SAUSAGE
A place for walk AVENUE
Advantage held by seed, generally EDGE
Bear scratching head well! OOH
Bent wings of bluejay? BANDY
Eight nil: football team, one short, cross OXFORD
Entering sustained campaign, contest comparatively less flat WAVIER
Entering water, I function for a very short time PICOSECOND
First signs of limp elastic in some worn bloomers? LEI
Initiate action on a plane, perhaps? STRIKE UP
Look after complete bishopric OVERSEE
Numbing cold crushing Scott's heart, Amundsen ultimately coming first NARCOTIC
Plan to cover place in our mouldy cheese MOUSETRAP
Rank element in space above STINKY
Second musical yarn MOHAIR
Separate taste, as some wines drunk BISECT
Try and catch HEAR
Turn creative — work on Picasso, primarily PARTY PIECE
Under root of tree, spare wood EBONY
Very basic home situated in row one-star
What big, mean delinquent has time for diminutive fighter? BANTAMWEIGHT
What queen might do — panic! HAVE KITTENS
Ada, rusty, exercising for twenty-four period SATURDAY
Article in study for head of college DEAN
Bull and pig clean HOGWASH
Complexity of small section attached to hospital DEPTH
Cooker of very exquisite nosh (starters only) OVEN
Crazy and terrible situation in which you’ll find Hazel? NUTSHELL
Fit to dispute losing right AGUE
Horticulturalist’s fantastic red range GARDENER
Messing around idly, Dee gave up YIELDED
Note exclamation of annoyance DOH
One eating no fat fish SPRAT
Quietly changes shapes in advance PREFORMS
Sat on beam, fence — regularly picked up sticks CEMENTS
Stylish Tessa coming out of her shell, outwardly dull DRESSY
Tool found in workbench is electric CHISEL
Trams made to crash in European capital AMSTERDAM
United sailors in vessel URN


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