The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 03 31

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Asian mountaineer eats her partner's sandwiches SHERPA
Cross character in formal attire getting up to go EXIT
Dismisses detective from NE town? red-cards
Favour reduction of violence initially during outrage APPROVAL
Fighting resistance where RAF can't, sadly TRENCH WARFARE
Fine organic compound's gradually become bitter FESTER
Guardian for one needing to rely on charity NATIONAL TRUST
Harrow wine stored here, maybe RACK
Having turned back, swimmer out of wind LEE
Held good girl in school COHERED
Immoderate display of leg on demand WANTON
Infantry under 50% of army? Never! MY FOOT
Instructions to follow prophet, holding image skyward RECIPES
Left standing on public view, naked OUTSTRIPPED
Odd bod and I agreed to break up, naturally BIODEGRADE
Opportunity to wind up German leader, perhaps CHANCELLOR
Paper's previous boss went on and on LASTED
Protrude over centre of green fibrous plant JUTE
Resolution from British, united after reverse BACKBONE
Second hazard close to Scylla BETA
Stone Age love dismissed by books PERIDOT
Teacher briefly trained house's first champion runner CHEETAH
Two promising words in contrived language IDO
Wake on high, having passed over? VAPOUR TRAIL
Achievement of force invading eastern stronghold EFFORT
Boyfriend’s part of East End, according to report BEAU
Campaigner’s appeal accepted by simple king CRUSADER
Change table, in a manner of speaking ALTER
Distinguished actor, one appearing in musical OLIVIER
For example, Sikes’s account? BILL
Holiday-makers — sort Uist cultivated TOURISTS
Inferior porcelain in place of horse trials BADMINTON
Little-known old remedy protecting Bachelor of Surgery OBSCURE
Long to get up for Muslim festival EID
Mistake made by little brat losing head ERROR
Perspicacity one shows at first in period of darkness INSIGHT
Quantity of liquid served by graduate liable to err BASINFUL
Reduce short skirt seen in vessel DIMINISH
Sent on prescribed course and heavily defeated ROUTED
Small detached territory where one’s allowed to meet ISLET
The purpose of American English? USE
Trendy act? Absolutely INDEED
Worker embracing girl in Central American state BELIZE


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