The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 03 30

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Horse moves long time after groom DRESSAGE
Perhaps Band Aid record brought back tears when broadcast PLASTER
Adhesive binding agent revolutionary as building material GYPSUM
City currency invested in crooked casinos SAN FRANCISCO
Extinct language only Army and RAF used? NORN
Green brought back for stuffing fish and chicken COWARD
Man on river for jolly old party FALSTAFF
Men at old port finding work ORATORIO
Mix of stuff from newspaper appearing in Portuguese resort FARRAGO
Nuclear power source, unstable at core, on river REACTOR
Old-school type, abrasive, leaving India ALUMNA
Onion ring one boy consumes SCALLION
Pipe blown in cold loo — time to go finally CLARINET
Second home in country — one located in 10? SCOT
Smoke from revolutionary base CHEROOT
Son in covert reconnaissance unit displays nerve SASS
Sporty sort in form takes extraordinary run FIGURE SKATER
Stars seen around eastern Indonesian island CELEBES
Strategy to have piano used in Javanese orchestra GAME PLAN
Unusual year in transformed capital ATYPICAL
Venomous reptile, one intelligent, hoping for success ASPIRATIONAL
Whisky available here? Over bar OBAN
African National Park's remarkably green site SERENGETI
Barbara rings Yankee — it’s to mind infant baby-sit
Beware! Large hole underground CAVE
Briefly drink black stuff, a delicious beverage NECTAR
English river split after junction TRENT
Fiend started to stir and protested publicly DEMONSTRATED
Fitting carpet regularly APT
Five inside exit disreputable place DIVE
Fruit also covers rug TOMATO
Hate having a house in Bangor’s outskirts ABHOR
Held in enclosure: sheep pent-up
Jolt container JAR
Lout repeatedly clipped child's toy yo-yo
Lucky having two minutes surrounded by colourful bird JAMMY
New roadmen returning notice group of stars ANDROMEDA
Rodent marks domestic ’abitat? MOUSE
Upright European reportedly ruined ERECT
V & A visitor most uncertain VAGUEST
Writer and Italian poet mostly hanging ornament PENDANT


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