The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 03 29

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Remarkable gesture SIGNAL
VAT on a musical instrument TUBA
Bird so hard to draw in river THRUSH
Bitterness of a professional lacking in good fortune ASPERITY
Bones Uhle finally found buried in green hill VERTEBRAE
Capone’s problem, concealing Yankee’s bloomer? ALYSSUM
Carriage papa originally had at college PHAETON
Chaste person of virtue tucking into meat VESTAL
Element identified by Italian fellow endlessly in news NITROGEN
Enrage trendy partner INFLAME
Female eagle looking down on ship in port SHEERNESS
Function involving clubs supported by bank — honestly SINCERELY
Key explorer smiles broadly, supporting members crossbeams
Lewd woman upset about evidence of debts SALACIOUS
Old historian’s account embodied in biblical book TACITUS
Relative’s husband leaving frequently visited place AUNT
State in revolt is Washington TISWAS
Type of hound a devotee keeps in Grand Hotel AFGHAN
Unbalanced leader of intimidating gang? top-heavy
Unidentified person on telephone, a West Country banker EXE
Use ultimately effective ruse to frame Mike EMPLOY
Wickedness engulfing old Swiss town SION
Woman turning out first of numerous stories ANA
A river bird and parent create Nile blockage ASWAN DAM
All I have to do is to sort out dark wool WORKLOAD
Canada youngsters try gin cocktails perhaps GOSLINGS
Cane joker in school SWITCH
Cavalier is solitary, abandoned ROYALIST
Fellow, mature, is to cope MANAGE
Had a blow-out, account unpaid BILLOWED
Happen to store cooked dish for resident OCCUPIER
In here, a modest quantity of paper REAM
Make a face, finally smashing vase GURN
Out of hospital, damages limbs ARMS
Platform One: miserable having to go back across it DAIS
Retaliate for some craven gentleman AVENGE
Show appreciation of cold drink CLAP
Shy about fighting heartless duel, being faint-hearted COWARDLY
So in Rome I can embrace Romeo ERGO
So my care is to propagate a tree SYCAMORE
Sprinkle black bird in parched area DUST BOWL
Start to relish a good scrap RAG
Wife getting fine frying pan WOK
Worked in kitchen, lacking any energy WASHED UP


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