The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 03 26

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Ace crippled in battle ALAMEIN
Alien craft, one commandeered by humans MARTIAN
Closed trailers bring hoppers TOADS
Drama introduces Harry: touching figure! NONAGON
Eccentric graduate taking in cricket match in unlikely place? CAMBODIA
Feverish, tearful end to supplicant’s squirming AFLUTTER
Formally request private to be new recruit? BEGINNER
Girl, on reflection, regretted one-woman shows ODETTE
Kid to make relay race a bit shorter? pull someones leg
Not having used sheets until pens deployed unslept-in
Peer at home drinking tea, forming attachment to hunter? WATCH CHAIN
Pop up and see doctor: being collected APLOMB
Project close to failure: sacking may come from it JUTE
Qualification time given by race official CAREER DIPLOMAT
Side motorists adopt left of imaginary line AXIAL
Still in fear of returning, remains in American park PETRIFIED FOREST
Tango in a bit, you understand — now resting AT PEACE
Tar over grass, constructing pool JACKPOT
Works quietly to stop old habits OPUSES
Agreement in a case, we hear? PACT
Animals exercise, when going outside APES
Brief experience of rogue state TASTE
Comfy home in one's town NEST
Composer in group losing heart BACH
Country had to be led by Conservative CHAD
Criticise girl said to be dejected DISMAYED
Devious cronies concealing a plot SCENARIO
Feeble, unable to finish hit LAM
Firing ten men, sacked for violation of rule INFRINGEMENT
Hard bargaining in sales involving Arabs? horse-trading
Insect going wrong way was first to get snarled TANGLED
Invalid said to be a fearsome swimmer CROC
Japanese governor carrying orient's latest weapon SHOTGUN
Mar a party line being awkward in governing body PARLIAMENTARY
Prisoner getting inner boost somewhere in Bristol CLIFTON
Telling man to support firm COGENT
Touching a pet, itch terribly PATHETIC


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