The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 18

crossword answers
Clue Answer
A number of maidens travelling on tube, arm-in-arm MR TAMBOURINE MAN
A point behind? No good! PRONG
Alert naval officer involved in quarrel tip-off
Being a primate is in fashion, old man reflected APEDOM
Bomb was humming — second to be dropped TANK
City rule ok — brief cheer going round BULAWAYO
Deafening silence, perhaps, after Oscar axes dunce OXYMORON
Drive from place across moor PROPEL
Loves welcoming very quiet colleague OPPO
Money spent to keep old former pupil in touch OUT OF PLAY
Note copy artists primarily draw for tourists MECCA
One who worships procrastinator’s maxim? IDOLATER
Representation of star artist appearing on Let It Be amen-ra
Right hand coming in low grasped retreating American ladies WASHROOM
Sign top player at last — current seed CAPRICORN
Some books: each had brief, overwhelming appeal APOCRYPHA
Such a large cupboard, fashionable, going on to be stolen walk-in
Unexpectedly huge, Robin Hood’s person? NEIGHBOUR
Wasn’t dying about Dickens DEVIL
Card some organised for colleagues COMRADES
Cautious in conflict, coming to enemy finally WARY
Composer's final jazz piece included in catalogue LISZT
Difficult to hide ring in collection HOARD
Drink stuff — stiff stuff! GROGRAM
End of crossword — I am needing a bit of illumination? DIM
Enraged drunk — one may explode GRENADE
Entertained by churchmen, delightful scientific monk MENDEL
Greek characters sat back after end of voyage ETAS
I'm so funny in fancy lace garment CAMISOLE
Letters descend on cricket's HQ LANDLORDS
Lovely cleaner of high-quality porcelain CHARMING
Man bringing a bit of sunshine? RAY
Mum's working for a member of a secret society MASON
Native home on Scottish island son escapes from INUIT
One praising novel art aloud ADULATOR
Show contempt for hospital food DISH
Star perhaps getting a black eye SHINER
There's little good in lad who is a malign influence? BOGY
Tiny dame, surprisingly explosive DYNAMITE
What old lawn needs to be, we hear? It's faded RECEDED


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