The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 17

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Agenda revolutionary Law Lord set up in Home Counties SCHEDULE
Astute waif initially avoided scrap SHRED
Bloomer in motor race CARNATION
Bring back control say REINSTATE
Colleague’s wife teacher stumbled over first BEDFELLOW
Colour of barrel upset by British private NUTBROWN
Final, formal brushoff for Augustus or Gwen? DEAR JOHN LETTER
Learners of French involved in daring escapades STUDENTS
Lie by river accommodating alien Yankee craft BASKETRY
Plankton: prey rorquals principally swallowed KRILL
Playing area perfect for some musicians PITCH
Practised parking English undertaker’s vehicle in road REHEARSED
Retired teacher greeting Hindu sage RISHI
Savoury jelly originally served in a popular film ASPIC
Sell up, leaving island subsequently LATER
Sensational start to lecture union leader delivered LURID
Singer reversed test, having ultimately scant appeal TOMTIT
Split from company at first, taking holiday, pocketing a grand CLEAVAGE
Sufficiency of drink surrounding politician on loch AMPLENESS
University originally paying part of castle’s running costs UPKEEP
A diet not working as remedy ANTIDOTE
Apt closure ruined one taking financial risk SPECULATOR
Benefit from changing ending of book BOON
Cabin sign I add displaying emblem INSIGNIA
Colourful picture of attempt to follow recordings? TAPESTRY
Familiar Sun to Sat? EVERYDAY
Final score: Ulster beaten RESULT
For example, 1588 play The Armada, super, finally YEAR
He seeks to damage vehicle fellow reversed VANDAL
Income range is not initially changed EARNINGS
Kind newspaperman made offer TENDERED
Meeting spirited Irishman, civil engineer? SEANCE
Military vehicle’s fuel container TANK
Payment by new tenant, important — one breaks into surprised expression key money
Pierrot, oddly saucy PERT
Put into liquid in Verdun kitchen DUNK
Refusal in Paris hearing? Balderdash! NONSENSE
Silent about speaker, I agreed postponement MORATORIUM
Small drink brought up: time for larger one? PINT


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