The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 16

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Big band has rector dancing ORCHESTRA
Balance made up by supporter, under £1 LIBRA
Bat an eye, seeing new forms of technology put away NICTITATE
Black American repressed over feudal code BUSHIDO
Card from TV fundraiser raised no hope initially NOTELET
Comic routine not yet delivered IN UTERO
Composer last seen in wet Sussex resort has called round BEETHOVEN
Considers working during breaks, ignoring wife RECKONS
Drove across area, getting caught HEARD
Egyptian character, grand lady pharaoh evacuated GLYPH
Lovers from EU kept apart by English barman? BEAUX
Nervy, like Scrooge after heading for London UPTIGHT
Order from Greek physician involving king and emperor DORIC
Part of anatomy list HEEL
Pick up skinny guards close to border LEARN
Post-war churches retaining an opportunity of success, given effort FIGHTING CHANCE
Skin problem slowly covering soldier from behind LENTIGO
This pest in nursery could get fired SLUG
Unique contest taking off MATCHLESS
Where many seek security in trite conversations stock exchanges
Zoo's first uniform in time turned blue AZURE
Army officer in outfit wearing beard I shaped BRIGADIER
Bulletin points landlord follows NEWSLETTER
Calm, primate eating green seeds APPEASE
English guy heard message EMAIL
Famous old market in bay — ten grand for refurbishment COVENT GARDEN
Fasten article in short time TETHER
Make a note of one constant reason LOGIC
Morale booster kept pal involved PEP TALK
Racket made by daughter at home DIN
Repeated chant of chap heading for trapeze artist MANTRA
Revolting drunk may get one in a nervy state UPTIGHT
Run off after second short race SPRINT
Sailor’s tea urn oddly appearing TAR
Sales campaign includes dishonest scheme SCAM
Sees man in resort as one EN MASSE
So far ahead, number in tug UP TO NOW
The Parisian leaving object in lorry ARTIC
Tropical bird also picked up tin TOUCAN


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