The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 15

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Affair involves head of Royal Mail perhaps ARMOUR
American in hotel twice finished whitewash HUSH UP
Arrest guy stupidly wasting first of government funds TREASURY
Baby, curiously, last to go in church CODDLE
Bunch of flyers, doubly good in strong wind GAGGLE
Bust university acquired by nation STATUE
Cheats go round following drivers for top car parts ROOF RACKS
Cutting from papers I found in a volume ACIDIC
Early stage shoe's warmer HEAT PUMP
EEC high flier stealing my French and German cash once COMMON MARKET
Gas initially envelops your old tip, according to reports ETHYLENE
Mentioned chap's hot tourist attraction GEYSER
Old police company, climbing, come to pass OCCUR
Pan, and what may be in it? ROAST
Performed first part of play cold? That's edifying DIDACTIC
Repulsive joint found in prison, half of it missing SHOCKING
Roaming at night, numb Somalis staggered miles SOMNAMBULISM
Teas and coffee putting paid to second dance cha-cha-cha
The British oddly unable to follow routine USUAL
Theatre regularly left Bill filling horsey pantomime part HARLEQUINADE
Through which to view star? SKYLIGHT
To perform subtly, felt maybe piano should intervene UNDERPLAY
Wrongly deliver small part of speech among timid types MISPRONOUNCE
A part of song opposed AVERSE
After first of fumbles, shocking goalie leaves FOLIAGE
Country welcomed by Washington, Gambia TONGA
Crossing centre, I sit on rocks INTERSECTION
Degeneration of retinas more unpleasant NASTIER
Drink: boy needs one MARTINI
Dry river saved by charity ARID
Express, for example SAY
Eye part one studies PUPIL
Fellow Yankee’s call for attention HEY
First batsman in door, perhaps? OPENER
Game where drink taken after dance HOPSCOTCH
Italian island, sign short of corn? CAPRI
Owls, bizarrely, train tortoise or snail? SLOWCOACH
Quickly grab fragment SNATCH
Seat, until now, short SOFA
State where man's hip replaced NEW HAMPSHIRE
Supposed healer in Gujarati medicine TIME
Tea man hasn't finished CHA
Territorial Army loaned gift TALENT
US city or country, overpopulated originally ORLANDO
Worm catcher, one up at cockcrow? EARLY BIRD


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