The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 12

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Before repair, initially aim to stop very old machine giving out VENDOR
Capital girl, by Jove — a little different! SARAJEVO
Celebrate? It might be deflating for a Cockney LET ONES HAIR DOWN
Cheat swaggering, say, irreverently TAKE IN VAIN
Essential oil filling rings is never drunk OTTO
Give up, when empty, some little cup DEMITASSE
Maybe cricket nets touching under cover? IN SECRET
Old supporter of Sky TV kicking off eventually AT LAST
Pair of hacks get a move on! CHOP CHOP
Party had endless port DOHA
Poorly after swallowing tablet, David’s developed rash ill-advised
Purge after bribe by house of old dramatist SOPHOCLEAN
Row involving furious Pole? RANGE
Scottish town to make suffer prosecutor? BANFF
Some American people’s unfamiliar, clumsy, and I would add welcome customs newhampshirites
Spirit of Belfast radio presenter? DJINNI
Sweet son coming across bitter, following a flogging aftersales
Teams place computers in Canadian building side split
Ultimate failure of one to pick Bond up is concerning IN RE
A large rodent rolling over where priest stands? ALTAR
Bishop leaving rubbish in petrol station GARAGE
Calm gym expert PEACE
Contradict Yankee on retreat DENY
Edward worried about learner, one falling behind DAWDLER
In Leeds I arranged a second job SIDELINE
Inclined to steal? Typist might be so light-fingered
Infidelity hurt true lady ADULTERY
Killing of Asian saints so barbaric ASSASSINATION
Kindness occasionally may get you a date in Rome IDES
Many concubines are kept by His Majesty HAREM
Pictures of US agents holding rebellious men CINEMA
Put pen to paper, did you say? That’s correct RIGHT
Rigorously examined, as cheese might be GRILLED
Search bishop held by his supporters? FERRET
Small enough to try SAMPLE
Unappreciative chap lighting fire here? INGRATE


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