The Times Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 11

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Attentive husband required to go topless HEEDFUL
Clerk in high spirits, entertaining new escort PENPUSHER
Currency smuggled into Chelsea, say FRANC
Declare a cat can be heard ANNOUNCE
Defence in Arsenal's opening games in division PARAPET
Everton vacated ground somewhere in London ENFIELD
Governess protecting current brood here EYRIE
Heavy figure to excite briefly ONEROUS
Irritation overwhelming terribly shy figure PHYSIQUE
Jam accompanying a track started by Queen QUANDARY
Let rip on spreading force globally INTERPOL
Move to invest pounds, running club BLUDGEON
Order from Cheltenham's Head Girl CLASS
Pass on name taken from dancing wenches ESCHEW
Place promoting weight-loss tablet LOCALE
Proof one's passed hummus, say, all of meal regularly put away DIPLOMA
Sentence about revolutionary R&B sound TIMBRE
Traveller, much prettier, getting picked up WAYFARER
Very green, dewy ground around island and river wide-eyed
What wine's knocked back in some verse? STROPHE
Wheels secured by new tool men pick up in race MONTE CARLO RALLY
An eye, maybe, for a newspaper story? FEATURE
Appropriate police station form NICK
Arab lipread quip, missing odd bits IRAQI
At first, Sal’s pretty eyelashes cutely flutter SPEC
Bury requirement not to finish off prisoner INTERNEE
Bushman close to you, moving below us? SUBHUMAN
Eccentric little woman bringing spice NUTMEG
Fire close to club lounge BLAZE
Go back from park and garden, briefly RECEDE
Go when green has changed? Start off yes ENERGY
Hitting Clonmel on vacation before trip CLOUTING
Idiot handling small, unexpected development TWIST
Loud tune is not bad FAIR
Midday air aroused farmworker DAIRYMAID
Oil producer’s lies end badly LINSEED
Outfit — number for a future queen KITTEN
Perhaps stop scratching sole due for mending DELOUSE
Scotsman possibly leaving note in mess HAMISH
This is certainly cow meat bully-beef
Vehicle from CBI man I rent? MINICAB
What church often has to hope ASPIRE


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