The Telegraph Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 03

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Check firm STAUNCH
Come into swirling Rhine ahead of it INHERIT
Watering hole, old, unaltered OASIS
Atmosphere caused by raising catastrophe MOOD
Bribes had worked, protecting knight in prison BEHINDBARS
Conservative, directly opposed SQUARE
Dairy product produced by fine Greek character FETA
Disciplinarian's point in trading centre MARTINET
Drink first drop of malt whisky, say, for morale TEAMSPIRIT
Farce enjoyed involving artist breaking into church CHARADE
Guys eating most of blue fruit MELON
Held back in reserve, and groomed RESTRAINED
How crabs move, and fish among rocks SIDEWAYS
Just son given hint SIMPLY
Live way out guarding head of state EXIST
Recently stolen piece of angling equipment in fast car HOTROD
Resentment of crown voiced PIQUE
Service still good around noon EVENSONG
Singer in pub, Italian individual BARITONE
Vexatious English gang returned to squeeze different ones BOTHERSOME
Wasted opening in brilliant game BLOTTO
Barrel-maker going under motorway astride fashionable vehicle MINICOOPER
Behaving in a strange way eating at one? OUTTOLUNCH
Best to expose party OUTDO
Confused sailor describing craft of a tailor SARTORIAL
Crack in stove, I notice VEIN
Crying, one astern at sea INTEARS
Cutting remark from bishop behind counter BARB
E. Pound's my new pen name! PSEUDONYM
Female fatality in Eliot's river FLOSS
Fetch carriage TRANSPORT
Honour carrying round woodwind instrument OBOE
Lottery odds, very small, essentially SWEEP
One used to hurl missiles – peculiar brute, revolutionary leader of tribe TREBUCHET
Open: Oakmont's first green OVERT
Piece of music Harpo's playing extremely dramatically RHAPSODY
Rail tale absurd when translated BALUSTRADE
Ready to complain, heading off RIPE
Room temperature at home for a burgundy wine CHAMBERTIN
Social climber on horseback getting over jump UPSTART
Star in Doncaster I Skype ASTERISK
Trap quickly springs back – end of mouse! NOOSE
Vigilant in a ground abroad ONGUARD
Worried about husband blocking an Austrian motorway AUTOBAHN


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