The Telegraph Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 19

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Deliver diamonds in German city HANDOVER
Slightly drunk warden, silly clown MERRYANDREW
Judge speed RATE
Reached over for cheese EDAM
By oneself in plant around noon ALONE
Consistent stable STEADY
Crossing ford, big toe gets broken FOOTBRIDGE
Emissary from East, on stage during meeting DELEGATE
Falsely incriminate diminutive figure during drink STITCHUP
Fan in seat, wriggling about so ENTHUSIAST
Fine everyone over collapse FALLTHROUGH
Former PM heading off for retreat LAIR
Hawker, one using a bike, we hear PEDLAR
Hope portion of stew is hot WISH
Mean person in nick, fenced-in area, extremely nasty PINCHPENNY
Newspaper piece about support artist raised GUARDIAN
No nonsense shown over one old American film NOTORIOUS
Outfit for a woman? Sure, tourist abroad TROUSERSUIT
Pleased, mostly, breaking out ASLEEP
Pollutant from a sewer enveloping capital of Caribbean island ACIDRAIN
Port auction: no bottles right? SALERNO
Preposterous yarn inspired by red fox REYNARD
The old lady mugs up on remarkable person's greatest work MAGNUMOPUS
What can be won at rugby? Nonsense written about Lomu's first cap TRIPLECROWN
Wood sounds good to me DEAL
Communication from upright witty type POSTCARD
Divert team approaching racecourse SIDETRACK
Dramatist, we hear, cringed COWERED
Film cut? Very very much ABRIDGETOOFAR
Former verbal test relating to country life PASTORAL
Keep an eye on large lizard MONITOR
Large reptile by American's small perennial plant CROCUS
Miserable quarrel turning into London bridleway ROTTENROW
Page on treacherous trio plus a wife of Brutus PORTIA
Rebuke agent over building's cover REPROOF
Report of part of speech in a new church ANNOUNCE
Sample includes cap and timing device STOPWATCH
Set of cards: young child grabbing a king TAROT
Sister devoured by fish – peculiar riddle CONUNDRUM
Some top on chorister, a cloak PONCHO
Son cooked liver – cutlery required SILVER
Special round of good-humoured deception SPOOF
Spectator, old attractive woman following leader in National ONLOOKER
Stuff on top of picnic hamper CRAMP
Type of low-heeled shoe, neat for daughter OXFORD
Typeface seminar two men arranged TIMESNEWROMAN
Unsuitable, if I'm right IMPROPER


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