The Telegraph Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 04 05

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Stay for start of party PROP
Sound level for listeners STRAIT
Advocates having protective rails across street BARRISTERS
Course holding permit for gambling game ROULETTE
Drain pipe fitted to vehicle EXHAUST
Extremely cold, some climb it in Garmisch BITING
Fielder putting cap on head COVERPOINT
Flower expert miles off ASTER
Fury involving new kitchen stove RANGE
Huge Greek character blowing top MEGA
In consequence, departed after island cut off ISOLATE
Italian football club, very European, in unjust broadcast JUVENTUS
Modify top of dress during a fitting ADJUST
Network press pitch for Americans GRIDIRON
Old boy's story about opening of cell block OBSTACLE
Old character in two minds about hospital THORN
Police officer collecting King, US novelist heard in college CORPUSCHRISTI
Popular pointer receiving attention INHAND
Sharp, expert playing crib ACERBIC
Wimbledon feature -- inform tribunal GRASSCOURT
Accidentally pick up remaining ace received by her OVERHEAR
Bank calling me off TIER
Box not used, missing base SPAR
Bright star, one denied table ALTAR
Careless English schoolgirl on end of pier REMISS
Chairmen doubt experts QUESTIONMASTERS
Concern at home about stopping trial INTEREST
Energy supplier: warn MD if unreliable WINDFARM
France learns sadly about Germany and a portion of Belgium FLANDERS
Gets rid of leftovers SCRAPS
Give back control, say REINSTATE
Help a new Irish monk AIDAN
In favour of wearing an article affording protection APRON
Incline to secure benefit for youngster ADOLESCENT
Look round very quietly for a condiment PEPPER
Low point, turning back on female dramatist SHERIDAN
More reckless, tennis champion in posh car RASHER
One short treaty to be rewritten – lawyer required ATTORNEY
One's mean about musical girl entertaining masses CHEAPSKATE
Overwhelmingly defeat large number, race having been fixed MASSACRE
Special changes encompassing work of bishops EPISCOPAL
Staff after information about mature plant GOLDENROD
Stand in pub, full of Evertonians at first BEAR
Start of exciting film – 'Ben Hur', perhaps EPIC
Turning at or reversing by railway ROTARY


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