The Telegraph Cryptic - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 15

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Protect telephone receiver RINGFENCE
Very low level KNOCKDOWN
Time to remove unwanted plants in river TWEED
Learned line to repeat LITERATE
Psychiatrist's contract SHRINK
Assumed name I overlooked, regrettably ALAS
Call for daily parliamentary list ORDERPAPER
Crack in ground, reportedly FLAW
Dealer, one in tears about publisher? CROUPIER
Facing one's mate on location OPPOSITE
Fairy's fiddle and ring TINKERBELL
Fuss about a US soldier's slow movement ADAGIO
Glimpse head of estate agent ESPY
Initial letters of Shakespeare sonnet, say, supply solution? ALLITERATION
Kind of painter, British, is in fashion CUBIST
Language used in press release ahead of summit? NEWSPEAK
Pace of favourite stewards initially raised STEP
Painful injury resulting from run in country SPRAIN
Place containing small back room LEEWAY
Practise? Tries once more close to stage REHEARSE
Quietly contact extremely eager minister PREACHER
Quite possibly, papers are on express IDARESAY
That glen drawn extensively ATLENGTH
Up, mostly making wine ASTI
Very clever move made by original rower MASTERSTROKE
Which church must get roofing material? THATCH
A factory worker saving time in close ATHAND
Absolutely correct, boy receiving trophy SPOTON
Anticipate having large wooded area from start to finish FORESTALL
Barrister's short BRIEF
Big enough member splitting beer AMPLE
Bound or spellbound, say WRAPPED
Criminal inside Pentonville, finally, and indefinitely SINEDIE
Describe in detail former beat EXPOUND
End of year hold-up involved reindeer RUDOLPH
Fine editor at university gets bored FEDUP
Hostile about couturier, no end? That's folly IDIOCY
Hurt boxing juvenile champion PALADIN
Mass meetings across island after start of Marlborough's battle RAMILLIES
One running out of gear? STREAKER
Rock band, one appearing during fair BLONDIE
Russian poet offensive over family PUSHKIN
Smell of ozone, grim ODOUR
Stew at start of orgy? Controversial matter HOTPOTATO
Wizard doctor entering study DEMON
Young lady entertaining star in gambling centre LASVEGAS


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