The Guardian - Crossword Answers | 2021 05 03

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Text error TYPO
Moral story FABLE
'Momentum' politician visiting Europe wearing scruffy suit IMPETUS
... alert after a wash AWAKE
A Liberal in government put straight again REALIGN
Actor in next Rambo? EXTRA
British capital laid out for plant BROMELIAD
Busybody cleric left in lake MEDDLER
Child carrying king's headgear MITRE
Cook ties cakes to footwear ICESKATES
Criminal losing old female guard FENDER
Decorative strip in knitting pattern starts to bulge on needles RIBBON
Despicable individuals raised money to grow poisonous plant TOADSTOOL
Each dish wrapped by expert APIECE
Exclusive European register includes Italian ELITIST
Foreign character records dancing lion EPSILON
Gold found by source of river ORWELL
Graduate in absurd situation using language like a native IDIOMATIC
Hospital leaving injured protected? ARMED
Lager and bubbly is brewed outside university BUDWEISER
Little American leaving animals standing SMALL
Militant is awful cad and liar RADICAL
Popular revolutionary is, on reflection, one of us INSIDER
Rail chaos disturbed cattle CHAROLAIS
Robes expanding to disguise fat OBESE
Rose rambling over doctor's grave SOMBRE
Unnatural movement caused by sulphur in processed meat SPASM
Austro-Bohemian Romantic composer and conductor, d. 1911 MAHLER
French comic actor and film-maker, d. 1982 TATI
Large African black-and-white stork — rub a moa (anag) MARABOU
Live in squalor (informal) PIGIT
Plant producing drooping white flowers in late winter SNOWDROP
Small dense star WHITEDWARF
Small purple plum-like fruit DAMSON
Soft heavy metal LEAD
Ties, for example NECKWEAR
When Jesus' entry into Jerusalem is celebrated by Christians PALMSUNDAY
A funny reaction in gales, perhaps LAUGHTER
A very long time to make a ring ETERNITY
After good notice obtain appliance GADGET
British soldiers capturing East German city BREMEN
Disastrous direction to go WEST
Extremely rude over a meal REPAST
Fat monarch makes room for food LARDER
In a week or so city goes to ruin DECAYS
In serious outbreak criticise bungling medic PANDEMIC
It is customary to cook a halibut HABITUAL
Language of Castro bore translating SERBOCROAT
Nigeria had ordered a sound investment HEARINGAID
Open to bribery, one is held pardonable VENIAL
Pinned into wrong desk? Used to be SKEWERED
Send back some stale chocolates ECHO
Showing acute intelligence after a strop? RAZORSHARP
Slack? If not interested, you couldn't ___ CARELESS
The next reign after Louis XVI? TERROR
Turning up in drinking vessel, notice mineral GYPSUM


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