The Guardian - Crossword Answers | 2021 02 22

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Small enclosed space CUBBYHOLE
Man of Eden ADAM
Chopper landing revolutionary in China MACHETE
Consequence of initiating kettling, as rioters may attack KARMA
Cross section pulled back to reveal hidden entrance TRAPDOOR
Go out of your way to be boring about film DETOUR
Idle crowd unlikely to be tolerated in totalitarian states FREEPRESS
Investigative assistant takes hour creating current programme WHATSON
Mess is complete after carnival emptied out CLUTTER
Model order for setter perhaps to settle SIT
Name ship after James Joyce? DUBLINER
No good playing it safe before having a hearty meal FEASTING
One objecting to 50% reduction in proper sample PROTESTER
Quite right — heart is fluttering RATHER
Regularly suing peer is not being fair UNEQUAL
Reportedly settled for house name on mad ruin being renovated DUNROAMIN
Row about large impact noise SPLAT
Secret attacker's affectionate partner HUGGER
Spread measures of drink for one who can't hold it? BUTTERFINGERS
Stone's condition, maybe, while search is still ongoing? UNTURNED
Support centre providing source of meat RIBEYE
Take in tenants regularly EAT
Tolerance where you are required to follow suit PATIENCE
Wager outside chance will provide a beefy cut BRISKET
Wine region producing drink in pouch? Au contraire ALSACE
Annoy — stinger NETTLE
Card game — set up dork (anag) STUDPOKER
Fast equine pace GALLOP
Folklore story FAIRYTALE
Food (sometimes small) EATS
Hair style created by braiding PLAIT
Last part of a performance FINALE
Mum's sis? AUNTIE
Musical based on TS Eliot poems CATS
Passage connecting to nasal cavities SINUS
Shore breakers SURF
Small sturdy four-wheel-drive vehicle JEEP
Sound made by a small petrol engine PUTPUT
Awkward person playing charades HARDCASE
Change after a boxing match, as soldiers may be ordered ABOUTTURN
Conflicted, paired off to maintain attention INTWOMINDS
Control working and income DOMINANCE
Explosion, after which children all fall down? ATISHOO
Gun shop price war may show value of money PURCHASINGPOWER
Is very nervous of locks DREADS
Leave, almost completely QUIT
Needing exercise, one circles a furlong UNFIT
One in a rush to claim riches involved demon girl GOLDMINER
Prepare war orders for Flying Squad REDARROWS
Sort of brief observation WATCHING
Sudden chill: mild illnesses need sleep COLDSNAP
Tongue's fur due for scraping URDU
Travel protected by explosive weapon TRIDENT
Wait to eat a Malaysian dish SATAY
Wall painting survives, higher LASTSUPPER
Went for a drive; may it have been clocked? USEDCAR
Woman's meeting daughter in crowd HERD
Work of editor extremely desirable TODIEFOR


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