Rock and Roll - Crossword Answers | 2018 01 21

crossword answers
Clue Answer
What crew will do for band ASSIST
Genesis sang about an "Illegal" one ALIEN
Geffen absorbed this record company in '03 MCA
Blondie singer, for short DEB
Billy Joel "Don't ___ Me Why" ASK
Queensryche "The Lady ___ Black" WORE
Name of album TITLE
"Poison" Bell Biv ___ DEVOE
Arista Founder Davis CLIVE
Finnish hair metalers ___ Rocks HANOI
Longing '80s Keith Sweat hit IWANTHER
Rockers ___ the Veil PIERCE
Grateful Dead "The Race ___" ISON
Verve Pipe album not about heroes? VILLAINS
Queen "___ Rock You" WEWILL
Bryan Adams lyric "___ somebody" INEED
"A Fool Such ___" Elvis ASI
You collect compact ones DISCS
Jim Croce "I'll Have to Say I Love You in ___" ASONG
Eric Johnson "___ Musicom" AHVIA
Vital camera parts for concert photogs LENSES
Billy Bragg and Wilco collaborated on a "Mermaid" one (abbr.) AVE
Smashing Pumpkins' James IHA
Might do it to your dance partner DIP
What wardrobe will do to spandex rip SEW
Jamaican musician ___-A-Mouse EEK
Damn Yankees "Coming of ___" AGE
Off-the-cuff stage talk ADLIB
Band of Horses "___ Under Oak" LYING
Flaming Lips "A Spoonful Weighs a ___" TON
What Nirvana will do to "the Servants" SERVE
Bryan Adams "I was caught in the crossfire of a ___ scream" SILENT
Seal "This Could ___" BEHEAVEN
"Crack the Liar's Smile" Drain ___ STH
Smashing Pumpkins "We must never be apart" song AVAADORE
Bryan Adams "Livin' alone __ __ heat of the night" INTHE
What superstar does after tour, perhaps HIDES
Beatles song mentioning "Moscow girls" BACKINTHEUSSR
Hot Action Cop "La ___" DEEDA
Major hit SMASH
Soundtrack "South Park: Bigger, Longer & ___" UNCUT
Y&T had a "Mean" one STREAK
Clothing for summer fests SHORTS
Eve 6 album "It's ___ Your Head" ALLIN
Lee of Ten Years After ALVIN
Austin singer/songwriter Walter HYATT
Might lose one at beach show SANDAL
Bryan Adams "___ Only Love" ITS
Bryan Adams "But she ain't goin' ___ mystery" FORNO
Stabbing Westward album that strips divinity? UNGOD
"You Needed Me" Murray ANNE
Bryan Adams "She Believes ___" INME
Zappa's "Over-Nite Sensation" song about western state MONTANA
Hall & Oates "___ of Modern Love" METHOD
Tom Scholz, to Rockman device INVENTOR
Presidents of the United States of America single about fruit? PEACHES
Bryan Adams "Brand ___ Day" NEW
Great time in music ERA
"The Show Goes On" rapper Lupe FIASCO
To get around security AVOID
Tube or ___ amp VALVE
Goo Goo Dolls "Livin' in a ___" HUT
Missy Higgins song that leaves a permanent mark? SCAR
Springsteen "Wizard ___ and sweat sock pimps" IMPS
Phil Collins "Take ___" MEHOME
"This Magic Moment" doo-woppers DRIFTERS
Bryan Adams had snow up to these on "Reggae Christmas" KNEES
"Miss Murder" rockers AFI
New Pornographers song to play before you lose it? USEIT
GnR "___ Bones" DUSTN
Brothers who sang "Walk Right Back" EVERLY