BuzzFeed - Crossword Answers | 2016 04 14

crossword answers
Clue Answer
Sewer lines? SEAMS
Not masc FEM
More liberated FREER
'Inception' love/villain...I think.. MAL
'Leave this horrid scene ___ I use another outdated poetic preposition!' (Madison) ERE
'Like' on Facebook, perhaps AGREE
'Make an excuse that gets me out of this PLZZZ' SAVEME
17-Down, and others MCS
1930s anti-marijuana propaganda film that ends with the principal of a school saying, 'The next tragedy may be that of your daughter...or your son...or yours or yours...' [points at the camera] '... or YOURS!' REEFERMADNESS
1997 portrayer of George in the Jungle BRENDANFRASER
43-Across at a rave, probably EDM
A sword and a net, for a gladiator who has any chance of surviving NEEDS
Actress Diane who paints her face with lipstick in 'Wild at Heart' for an Academy Award nomination LADD
All da time EVER
Ancient Greek site of Hercules' first labor NEMEA
Art convention? GENRE
Co. that made the first color TV RCA
Console also known as the Family Computer NES
Contract stipulations for secret projs NDAS
Elgort of the 'Divergent' trilogy ANSEL
Everyone has one, and some people's IS one!!!! AGE
Figure that's really mean? AVERAGE
First word in many French rock bands LES
Fucks (with) MESSES
Give a light burn? LASE
Give a piece to? ARM
Grad sch. tests GRES
Grp. that wants to 9-Across everyone for a safer America NRA
High craps rolls ELEVENS
Kylo ___ ('Star Wars' character who has a realization about his parentage on a suspended walkway in the climactic scene...smh) REN
Largest ethnic minority in Croatia SERBS
Letters at the end of some direction ERN
Loon-like diver GREBE
Makes sure that text went through RESENDS
Need Chipotle right now CRAVE
Needing a shot, say FERAL
Not obsessed with One Direction, say SANE
Part of a party? MEMBER
Peach drink at a trashy/classy celebration ANDRE
Portrayer of TV's Rachel or Hester LEA
Quality that can be hi- or lo- RES
Risks something DARES
Sense of doody? SMELL
Sexy abdominal shape VEE
Shipment contents: Abbr GDS
Showed an earlier episode RERAN
Spanish kingdom that Pamplona is the capital of NAVARRE
Stander in the stands FAN
The NYer and Peeps (that's what I call People) MAGS
Title character of film who has a family reunion and class reunion, goes to jail, has a big happy family, goes into the Witness Protection Program, and celebrates Christmas MADEA
Tree planted in New Haven, Connecticut, as part of the first public tree planting program in America ELM
Underground source of the only letters used in today's puzzle (naturally, this answer is missing EWYOKITYTII) NERCRANLNES
Who rapped, 'Life is parallel to hell but I must maintain and be prosperous, though we live dangerous' NAS
Word that comes from the Latin word for the type of sand used to absorb blood after fights in the Colosseum ARENA
Youngest of Gru's adopted daughters in 'Despicable Me' AGNES


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