BuzzFeed - Crossword Answers | 2016 04 06

crossword answers
Clue Answer
'And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It ___ You' (fake religious TV show from 'Arrested Development') UNTO
'Based God' LILB
'FINALLY I can just go home and listen to that Katy Perry song on repeat all night and not have to worry about work in the morning!!!' TGIF
'I'll take that as ___...' ANO
'___ ideal world ...' INAN
2015 Beach House song named for the musical symbol for really really really softly PPP
Acknowledge virtual representation TAG
Actually so similar to, as 13-Across to 4-Down LITERALLY
Contract signed before going into business with a secretive org NDA
Election day, briefly TUE
Embarrasses in a race LAPS
Everything in Ancient Rome? OMNIA
Fluid carried in a trunk SAP
Follow someone around all day repeating any one word ANNOY
Individual shredding sessions SOLI
It might prompt you to say, 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' ESP
Judge played by Kenneth Choi on 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' ITO
Kiss on the cheek? ANALINGUS
Letters on the badge of a person telling me to take off my shoes TSA
Loin fat in haggis, yum SUET
Makes it so someone can't feel one's face when they're with you? NUMBS
Merrick Garland was Obama's APPOINTEE
Mo. with National Watermelon, Milkshake, Mustard, Creamsicle, Rum, Spumoni, and Trail Mix Days AUG
Only obstacle in a breakaway GOALIE
Pact made in the Clinton 1-Down to unite a continent NAFTA
Percent off tuition, perhaps AID
Pint that will 'Slowly Churn' in my stomach EDYS
Practice advocated by nutritionist Loren Cordain PALEODIET
Really good at spinning, say FIT
Show where twice an episode, a famous person introduces a musical act with 'Ladies and gentlemen...' SNL
Something many people keep on a poster? CALM
Terrier played by dog actor Skippy ASTA
The experience of a spirit finding a new body after an hourlong spinning class SOULCYCLE
The experience of a spirit finding a new body after death REINCARNATION
Travels rapidly? RAFTS
Upper West Side to Times Square dir SSE
Website you might go to if you don't know that 'I beez in the trap' means 'I always hang out wherever I get my money' RAPGENIUS
You could make an awesome bathroom floor using Scrabble ones TILE


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