Definition of PROFOUND

Adjective : PROFOUND

Source: WordNet 3.1

  • 1. (

    ) showing intellectual penetration or emotional depth; "the differences are profound"; "a profound insight"; "a profound book"; "a profound mind"; "profound contempt"; "profound regret" ;

  • 2. (

    ) of the greatest intensity; complete; "a profound silence"; "a state of profound shock" ;

  • 3. (

    ) far-reaching and thoroughgoing in effect especially on the nature of something; "the fundamental revolution in human values that has occurred"; "the book underwent fundamental changes"; "committed the fundamental error of confusing spending with extravagance"; "profound social changes" ;

  • 4. (

    ) coming from deep within one; "a profound sigh" ;

  • 6. (

    ) situated at or extending to great depth; too deep to have been sounded or plumbed; "the profound depths of the sea"; "the dark unfathomed caves of ocean"-Thomas Gray; "unplumbed depths of the sea"; "remote and unsounded caverns" ;

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